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The History of the Tulsa Alumnae Chapter



1920’s & 1930’s : Tulsa SAI Alumnae were listed in Sigma Gamma’s Yearbook and participated in Sigma Gamma activities and events.


1938 – 1939: Tulsa SAI Alumnae began to envision a chapter for Tulsa and long-range planning for that eventuality began.


1939 – 1940: Tulsa SAI Alumnae came together as an independent group for the first time and elected Annelle Chandler as “president.”


1941 – 1942: Tulsa SAI Alumnae organized with the express purpose of petitioning for alumnae chapter status;  Dorothy Bowen was elected President.


1942 – 1943: Spring 1943 brought the good news that the National Executive Board of Sigma Alpha Iota had granted a charter to the Tulsa Alumnae;  Odessa Simpson was President.


Nov.9, 1943: Tulsa Alumnae Chapter is installed by National President Kathleen Davison, National First Vice President Marguerite Rasco, and Executive Secretary Mildred Sale; Charter members numbered forty-seven, and Anita Marsau was President.


Steps to Chartering  (1943)

1.   Ten or more SAIs in good standing, organized as an SAI “group” for a minimum of eight months, may provide a history of the group and a petition requesting status as a chartered Alumnae Chapter.


2.  The National Executive Board examines the petition and if approved by unanimous vote, grants the prospective chapter a charter.


3.  The new Alumnae Chapter is installed by the National President (or her representative) and the charter is presented.


            We became Tulsa Alumnae Chapter on November 9, 1943.  “A whirl of gala social events centered around the visit of Mrs. Kathleen Davis, National President, in Tulsa, November 9, 10, and 11.  The three-day activities celebrating the chartering and installation began soon after Mrs. Davison’s arrival....”

            Thus began the Pan Pipes, February 1944, description of the day Tulsa Alumnae Chapter came into existence.  In addition to Mrs. Davison, Marguerite Rasco (National First Vice President) and Mildred Sale (Executive Secretary) were present for the festivities.  Beginning with a breakfast at the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, continuing with a luncheon at the University of Tulsa Student Union (hosted by Sigma Gamma Chapter), the attendees at last congregated in the Recital Hall of Tyrrell Hall for the  installation.

            Forty-seven members participated in the installation ceremony, thus becoming the Charter members of Tulsa Alumnae Chapter.  The Chapter has in its Archives a copy of the actual ritual ceremony administered by the National SAI dignitaries which culminated with the presentation of the chapter’s charter to Anita Marsau, Tulsa Alumnae’s first chartered president.  Also on hand were Dorothy Bowen, president of the to-be chapter during the time application for chapterhood began in 1941, and Odessa Simpson, Tulsa president when the charter was granted in 1942.

            Following the installation, Annelle Chandler (McAdams) hosted the national dignitaries at a concert presented by SAI Honorary Member Grace Moore which took place at Convention Hall (now called the Brady Theater.)   Nor did the celebration end on November 9.  Tulsa Patronesses held a November 10 luncheon at the Junior League Tea Room honoring the newly installed Tulsa Alumnae Chapter and the national officers present for the installation.  That evening, SAIs returned to Tyrrell Hall for a  musicale honoring President Davison, with performers including the Sigma Gamma resident Mariana Sears, several alumnae, and Honorary Member Tosca Berger Kramer. The concert culminated with an ensemble of alumnae singing a setting of “The Sigma Alpha Iota Chorale” arranged and directed by Tulsan Lorna Dee Young.          

            The final day of festivities, November 11, included a dessert and formal party honoring Mrs. Davison as well as Zeta Province President Annelle Chandler (McAdams).


Current 2021-2022 Tulsa Alumnae Leadership

The charter members of the Tulsa Alumnae Chapter on November 9, 1943.

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